Physician Advisory Group


Billing:  PAG includes a Certified Coding Specialist with 30 years of medical billing experience. You manage your claims to ensure that you aren't overcoding, but when was the last time you ran a thorough audit to ensure that you're getting all the reimbursement to which you are entitled? Conscientious physicians are far more likely to be foregoing allowables than they are to be overcoding. Contact us today and rest easier tomorrow knowing you're receiving everything to which you're entitled.

Lab / Pathology:  Your practice likely offers some in-house lab services, and possibly contains an extensive array of lab offerings, but you are no doubt sending some labs to third-party providers. It's very likely that you receive little to no reimbursement on the vast majority of pathology services. Our contracting models and cooperative agreements with reference labs and pathologists allow you to participate in the reimbursement for tests on which you are currently receiving none. A simple review of your referrals will add to your bottom line.

Sleep Medicine:  You aren't Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, so you refer to the local hospital, or IDTF. You may be surprised to know that turn-key solutions are available that allow you to participate in the sleep market, most of which are fully financed and require little to no out of pocket expenditures to get started. Our sleep experts have set up labs nationwide, and have a panel of physicians who coordinate with your office to grow this revenue stream.

Medical Equipment:  In today's reimbursement environment you may make as little as $30 on an office visit. Did you know that the DME to which you refer your patient for a simple walker routinely profits as much as $80 on your walker referral? Let us establish DME policies and procedures, equipment contracts and billing for you, and begin capturing the allowables which you are currently losing.

Malpractice and General Liability:  Your local agent is probably a social contact, family member, or long-time acquaintance who offers products from car insurance to renters' insurance. Our licensed agents are strictly focused on the medical field and represent such a vast array of physicians and other providers that carriers offer us rates you won't see elsewhere. A quick review of your policies will no doubt lead to immediate and substantial savings.

Supply Contract Negotiation:  Increased revenue is only part of the PAG equation. We represent hundreds of physicians and as such have negotiating leverage to cut your costs on office equipment and supplies to the lowest levels possible. The sheer volume of everyday supplies our represented physicians purchase, from sutures and hemostats to exam tables and stethoscopes, allows us to negotiate lower prices with your current supplier, saving you money with the stroke of a pen.

Network Contracting:  Once again our wide swath of providers gives you leverage. The dominant insurance networks in your area may be offering you Medicare rates, or less. Our team has negotiated contracts with carriers for over 30 years, and the carriers are well aware that when a physician is represented by PAG, terms will be more to your liking than theirs.

Directorships:  PAG has negotiated Medical Directorships across many ancillary lines, including home health, hospice, nursing homes, labs and more. These providers depend on you for your knowledge and expertise. Isn't it time you were legally compensated for such?


Imaging:  You are more than likely offering x-rays in your office. You may have a lease arrangement with a local facility for some other traditional imaging services. That's a great start, but did you know there are ways to add revenue from all your imaging referrals, including PET scans, CT scans, and MRIs? We've created highly profitable arrangements for every type of imaging service your practice refers. The reimbursements are happening, the only question is whether a facility receives them, or you do.